Beaver County Bookfest

This past Saturday, a few members of the BatCat Staff headed over to downtown Beaver, PA, for the first Beaver County Bookfest! Even though it was a bit rainy, we had a great time showing off our stuff and helping kids (and adults) make their own custom buttons. Take a look at our booth!

Our logo shirts all in a neat row
Our design-a-pin station!
Just a few of the books we brought

The biggest hit of the day was by far the pin making station. Passersby had the opportunity to either draw out their own design or cut something out of a magazine. When the design was finished, a staff member would cut out the traced circle before operating the button machine.

We worked on the social media in between running the pin station
Kate with her “#stunaa” pin
Demonstration pins by Kate and Kira

We had a really good time at the bookfest, and we’re very excited to go to even more bookfairs! Our next scheduled event is the 9th Annual Western Maryland Independent Lit Festival in downtown Frostburg, Maryland on October 24. Stop by and come see us if you can!

Left to right: Olivia (me), Rhyan, Kat, Kira, and Kate

If you miss us there, don’t worry; we have a few other events scheduled with more to come, including the annual Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) conference in Los Angeles.

Hope to see you soon!

Olivia C, BatCat Staff Member

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