About BatCat Press

It started out as a series of questions: what would happen if a group of high school students with an interest in literary arts were given the opportunity to run a small press? What kind of work would they want to publish? What kind of books would they be able to produce? Could they develop the skills and the agency necessary to make editorial decisions and work with adult authors? What would such an organization look like, and would it be sustainable?

The answer came in the form of BatCat Press.

BatCat Press was officially founded in 2009, led by managing editor Deanna [Mulye] Baringer and a staff of six intrepid high school students. With the support of Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School, BatCat Press has grown up and established itself as an independent publisher specializing in handmade limited editions of new works by both first time and established authors.

Our continuous goal is to provide students the opportunity to work in a professional press environment while upholding high literary standards, publishing work that is both innovative and accessible. Most BatCat publications are discovered through our annual free reading period, which runs from June 1 to August 31. We accept and consider manuscripts in all genres and forms, and submissions are open to writers of all ages and experience levels.

Since 2009, BatCat Press has published 14 awesome works of poetry and prose, produced countless broadsides and chapbooks, and sold hundreds of one-of-a-kind journals and artist’s books. We’ve happily received and read thousands of manuscripts from all over the world and from authors of all walks of life. But perhaps our proudest accomplishment yet is that we have seen more than 25 of our beloved staff members graduate and move on to outstanding colleges and careers.

Check out our publications page, join us for an event, or submit your work. We’d love to hear from you.


BatCat Press
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