New Year, New Space!

We’re just a couple weeks into our year and we’re off to a great start! With new staff members (group picture to come) and a new submission system, Submittable, we’re in good shape to have an amazing year. But our most exciting change is our new space!

We moved! Not far; we’re still on the same campus, but we’ve got far more room and a really neat, organized set up.

Take a quick look around, starting with our supply room:

Our perfect binder and cutting machine
Nice big shelves!
A whole box of cover paper

IMG_1766 IMG_1762 IMG_1772 IMG_1763

This is our lounge area, currently being used for reading submissions by Hayley. Kira, and Rhyan:

Haley in the far chair…
… with Kira on the left, and Rhyan on the right


Lastly, this is our third room and binding space, which is also being used for reading submissions:

Layla teaching Kate to bookbind

IMG_1778 IMG_1782 IMG_1780

Learning about Submittable

I look forward to keeping you up to date with BatCat this year! Expect a post soon officially announcing our full staff. And, if you’re around Western Pennslyvania or Frostburg, Maryland, check out this page to see where we’ll be going in the upcoming months!

Olivia C, BatCat Staff Member

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