Meet The Staff: Bridget

Have you ever been curious about who makes the hand bound books BatCat Press produces?  This year, we’ll be introducing you to our new staff members that work year-round on creating our beautiful journals and publications! We hope you enjoy!

NAME: Bridget Van Houtem


AGE: 15

FAVORITE BOOK: A Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes

FAVORITE AUTHOR: Too many choices

FAVORITE GENRE TO READ: Creative nonfiction

FAVORITE GENRE TO WRITE: Creative nonfiction

OTHER INTERESTS: Sewing, handicrafts, reading, and baking.

Bridget is a first year member in her sophomore year of high school. Before coming to Lincoln Park she was homeschooled while she pursued her interest of ballet. Her dreams were cut short when she injured herself and never fully healed.image3

Having to find a new passion, she went into writing. Finding that the only road block was her hatred of fiction, she turned to creative nonfiction. Her sister was already going to Lincoln Park for Visual Arts. Following in her sister’s footsteps, she auditioned for Lincoln Park.


Outside of school, Bridget pursues a freelance career in sewing, making “fancy stuff” for her customers. Her interest in sewing arose when she was 10 and fueled her interest in BatCat.

Bridget hopes to get into bookbinding and learn all there is to know BatCat Press. Her biggest challenge so far is “the fact that there is so much to learn about the process of everything.”

Currently, Bridget is learning all about the printing press and helping with Bailey’s zine project and even printing a poem on her own. We’re sure to see much more from her in the coming years!

Written by Joanie O’Neill


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