Busy, busy, busy…

…oh man, we are so busy. Here are some recent updates:

Snowmen Losing Weight is available once again, and can be ordered by clicking here. We also have a limited number of The One That Counts available (Valentines Day, anyone?), as well as all of our other titles.

– We are very hard at work selecting manuscripts for 2013 publication. This year we read more manuscripts than ever before, and are approaching the finish line. Emails have been going out left and right, and all finalists for this year have been notified. A public announcement about our 2013 title(s) will be coming soon!

AWP Boston is fast approaching, and we’ll be there – fourth year in a row! If you’ll be there too, come visit us at table J15. There will be books.

– Thanks to everyone who came to visit us at Handmade Arcade! It was a fun time, and we hope that many Christmas trees found themselves adorned with books this past month.

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to friend us on Facebook for tiny and timely updates. We’ll be running a few more contests this spring – don’t miss out!

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