What Comes Next, Part 1

Interview by Sydney Dixon

Like many small presses, we do our best to get the word out about our new titles. But it’s a big world out there, and often a book’s best friend is its author. Recently, we caught up with Noah Falck and talked with him about self-promotion and how he publicized the release of his book, Snowmen Losing Weight. Snowmen has been one of BatCat Press’s bestsellers, in no small part because of Noah’s efforts (and for those in wait: copies will once again be available in early December). Here’s what he had to say:

What did you do as an author to promote your book?
I tried to create as much buzz as possible through social media, local radio, and newspapers. I did an interview with the local NPR affiliate, and also an interview with the Dayton Daily News. In addition to the buzz, I held an event. I had a book release party featuring music and poetry, including poets Nick Sturm and Matt Hart. I also participated in as many readings as possible to help spread the word. I am still lining up some readings in Buffalo, Boston, and NYC in the upcoming months.

What resources did you use?
By resources, I am assuming you mean media outlets. This is an interesting question, as this is the first time I’ve ever really tried to promote my work. I created a Facebook event page, though since then I get the feeling that Facebook is going by the wayside. I generated some small buzz on the iPhone app Instagram. I used Twitter for the book and the release party event.

What do you think was the most effective method you used?

For the book, I really can’t say. Giving readings is the truest form. That way, people can get a sense of what your work is about. They can participate in the experience. At the same time, a lot of my friends hate poetry readings. They’d rather drink expired milk than listen to people read poems. So for that crowd, I think the social media outlets work, something a bit more instantaneous.

What advice would you give to future author’s regarding self promotion?

To go out and read. If I could I’d travel guerilla style like Matt Hart & Nate Pritts or Matthew Rohrer & Joshua Beckman. For poets, that is the best way to get your work in front of other people. I would also advise in creating some sort of online presence. I was lucky enough to have a very talented friend hook me up with an amazing website, if you aren’t as lucky, start a tumblr, blog, or create a Facebook page or Twitter account. Email other poets and ask them if they know of any places to read. Generally, poets are pretty kind, open-hearted people, and they will do their best to help you out. If not, start your own reading series and invite poets you love.

Noah Falck is the author of Snowmen Losing Weight, Life as a Crossword Puzzle, and Measuring Tape for the Midwest. You can find him here. Next week we’ll be talking to Rosemary Macuga about her publicity efforts for The One That Counts.

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