Meet the Staff – Bailey

Bailey is a junior at LPPACS who joined BatCat this year!

NAME: Bailey

AGE: 16

FAVORITE BOOK: Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick



OTHER INTERESTS: Lasagna, Porcupines, Hugs, Kevin Gates, Papa’s Sushiria

This is Bailey’s first year on BatCat, and she’s been finding things she can do to help out. She loves to make coptic journals, or journals bound using a specific stitch pattern – and no glue. “I hate glue,” says Bailey. “I want to kill glue. Glue is stupid.”

Bailey and some of her coptics.

In addition to her awesome coptics, Bailey helps BatCat out by working on the printing press with Layla. She’s gotten very good at setting type and making prints, something that’s going to come in handy with this year’s publications. “At the very beginning of the year, I was worried she wasn’t going to catch on,” says Layla. “But I remember the day that everything clicked for her. She can do everything just as fast as I can now.  I’m excited for the future of BatCat, because I know I’m leaving it in good hands.”

The printing press is a hard thing to master, but Bailey’s got it down!

As far as expectations go, Bailey hasn’t really been surprised by anything in particular. “I had an insider perspective,” she says. Her friend Cassidy joined last year and told her about the experience. Because Bailey thought it sounded like fun, she decided to join. “It’s hard, because you’re always making stuff, but it’s still a good time.”

Photo on 4-17-18 at 11.48 AM #4
Bailey and the rest of the BatCat staff taking selfies!

Bailey went to Handmade Arcade this year, and had a good time. “I liked all of the interactions with customers and going to the other tables and seeing what everyone else had to bring. I just thought it was a fun time! It was cool to see what everyone could do.” While Bailey hasn’t made it to any other events this year, her handbound books have travelled all over the place, even to AWP (in Florida!).

Bailey working on our publications, using the dreaded glue.

Wether she’s making prints, pins, or publications, Bailey is always a hand in the press room. We’re looking forward to having her on press for another year!

Written by Henry Wahlenmayer

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