Meet the Staff-Cecil

Have you ever been curious about who makes the handbound books BatCat Press produces?  This year, we’ll be introducing you to our four new staff members that work year-round on creating our beautiful journals and publications! We hope you enjoy!

Cecil Starr is a junior at LPPACS who joined BatCat Press this year!

NAME: Cecil Starr
AGE: 17
FAVORITE BOOK: Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
FAVORITE GENRE TO READ: sci-fi and speculative fiction
FAVORITE GENRE TO WRITE: Realism and Southern Gothic styles.
OTHER INTERESTS: Archery, sewing and being crafty, playing Dungeons and Dragons, cosplaying, and toy collecting.

Cecil holding one of their handmade books

“I like sewing, I like making things with my hands, and I like being a part of something,” Cecil says, summing up why they joined BatCat this year. “Henry is actually who really convinced me to apply again this year.” Henry, a junior in his second year on BatCat, expressed to Cecil that they should pursue BatCat Press. “He said he thought I would make a really good addition,” they added.

Cecil participated in two of our events this year, Beaver County Bookfest and Handmade Arcade. “Handmade Arcade was so fun, I loved interacting with people. I loved when they would pick up a book and say, ‘Oh wow! You made this?’”  Cecil also loved running the design-a-pin table and helping out the little kids. “As a seller, a crafter, and a business person, it was a really good experience.”

At first, Cecil was surprised by the way BatCat worked.  “It’s very student run, which I didn’t expect. But I enjoy it immensely.” Cecil says BatCat is full of students who know what needs done and take initiative to make it happen. Cecil has become head of our inventory project, making spreadsheets to help organize our journals and sketchbooks. They say they love making spreadsheets, and their work with our inventory has greatly improved the organization of BatCat’s products.  

Cecil has also enjoyed taking on projects of their own, combining their interests in embroidery to make embroidered, leather-bound books. Cecil has branched out from the ordinary in their book making, using leather scraps, old fabric found in their basement, and new variations on different techniques.

They’ve started so many new projects they’ve stolen a drawer in the BatCat room and labeled it “Cecil’s drawer.”

“It’s mine, and no one’s allowed inside of it,” Cecil says with a laugh. They started the drawer to keep their projects out of the way, and now it’s full of weird little crafty things like a leather scrap with an embroidered 20 sided die, a DnD necessity.

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Between making spreadsheets to keep organized and experimenting with leather, Cecil has had a successful first semester on BatCat. We’re looking forward to another great semester!


Written by Alexa Bocek, BatCat staff member.

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