BatCat’s New Space!

The start of a new BatCat year is always an exciting and hectic time. We’ve been busy teaching our five new members different bookbinding techniques as well as handling loads of submissions. A lot has changed in BatCat; perhaps the biggest news is that we have a new working space! BatCat has moved to a bigger and better room.

We moved from a small, almost closet-sized space into a spacious glass room with windows overlooking the park, perfect for design inspiration! We’re able to spread out and work on a lot of different things at a time, which is great because our returning staff this year has been itching to get back to making some amazing coptic and Belgian-style books, as well as many others.  

IMG_1314 (2)
Lots of extra room to put our press to use

For the new members, our new space makes it easier to learn how BatCat operates. Bailey Pilch, a first-year staff member from New Castle, says, “It’s great because it’s so organized. Everything has a place.” Bailey is right, we haven’t had any trouble filling it up! Bookshelves, bins, and tables line the walls, making it convenient to access materials and get started on a new project. Along with our new rooms, we’ve acquired  a lot of new materials and equipment over the summer, including a label maker to further organize our supplies! We also picked up some book presses, perfect for keeping handmade books neat and pressed.

BatCat has a lot of great things coming up this year. We’re reading submissions, kicking off our reprint project, planning fundraisers and already planning for this year’s AWP in Tampa, FL! Keep track of all the things we’re up to by following us on Instagram, and stay updated with our Twitter and Facebook!


Written by Alexa Bocek with assistance from Torie Wolfe.


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