Meet the Staff! – Cassidy

Have you ever been curious about who makes the handbound books BatCat Press produces?  This year, we’ll be introducing you to our four new staff members that work year-round on creating our beautiful journals and publications! We hope you enjoy!


Our second featured staff member of the year is Cassidy! She’s a sophomore at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School, where she’s been studying for four years.

NAME: Cassidy
AGE: 15
FAVORITE BOOK: The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer
FAVORITE AUTHOR: Too many to choose from!
FAVORITE GENRE TO READ: Creative non-fiction
FAVORITE GENRE TO WRITE: Creative non-fiction
OTHER INTERESTS: “I have a job—that takes up a lot of my time!


“The whole idea of the press was just a really cool idea to me,” she said about joining, “and I don’t know, it really just intrigued me!”

As one of the new kids, Cassidy has been working hard on making books this semester. She’s been learning a few different binding styles, and it’s been quite a bit of work; definitely the hardest part of the semester! “I thought it was gonna be a lot less work,” she said. “But in the end, I know we’re gonna have a great product.”

However, she was really, really proud of the first book she ever made. “I proved to myself that I can really do something,” she said.


On top of bookbinding, Cassidy also traveled to Handmade Arcade to help sell the press’s books. “I loved meeting the different people that came up to the stand,” she said, “and showing off all the things that we had made. I like talking to people and showing them what we’ve done and who we are. They’re always really impressed with us, and it makes me feel good.”


For next year, she’s looking forward to working more markets. But for the remaining second half of her sophomore year, she’s excited to work on the new manuscripts and gain more confidence in her abilities.

“Here comes the sun”

Her favorite part of being on staff, though? “Basically, meeting the people on BatCat and being a part of the family.”

Check back next Monday for another Meet the Staff!
Olivia, post-graduate intern


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