Meet the Staff! – Emmett

Have you ever been curious about who makes the handbound books BatCat Press produces?  As we go through the second half of our 2015 – 2016 year at BatCat Press, we’ll introduce you to all twelve of the staff members that work year-round on creating our beautiful journals and publications! We hope you enjoy!


Emmett is our first junior covered in Meet the Staff. This is his first year on BatCat Press, though he did take a bookbinding class last year, as well.

NAME: Emmett
AGE: 16
FAVORITE BOOK: Horns by Joe King
FAVORITE AUTHOR: Neal Shusterman
OTHER INTERESTS: Painting, watching movies, wearing flannels and beanies


For the first half of our year, BatCat Press spends a lot of time preparing for and going to markets. Emmett went to both Beaver County Bookfest and I Made It! for the Holidays this year, and said about the experience, “Seeing people’s reactions to our products is really interesting because you get to see what people like; if they like our publications or our different binding styles, in particular.”

Emmett continued, “I also like seeing what other artists and booths produce. It can kind of be used as inspiration, and it’s also just cool to look at.”


In the second half of our year, we focus more on selecting and making our publications. “It’s really interesting to read adult authors’ work, who send us their manuscripts and trust us to choose what to publish,” Emmett said. “It kinda gets your mind-frame out of high school writing, and you start to see what writing can become once you get out of high school.”

When asked about his favorite aspect of BatCat, Emmett answered, “It’s probably a tie between reading the submissions and exploring different styles of bookbinding. I’ve been trying to do styles no one else [on staff] has really done before, so that’s pretty interesting, but reading the submissions is definitely amazing.”

Some of Emmett’s beautiful books!

After we read all our manuscripts, we begin our design process. At this point in the year, all the staff members buckle down and begin making sketches and mockups so that we can arrive at the perfect design for our publications. Emmett said that “seeing how a work is translated into an artistic book” is a very unique thing to witness. He added, “I’m excited to see people’s reactions when it’s released.”

Keep checking back for more staff members!
Olivia C, BatCat Staff Member

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