Lot for Sale. no pigs

Lot for Sale. no pigs – A Poetry Collection by Sandy Green

Lot for Sale. No Pigs is a poetry collection by Sandy Green. With quick wit and striking imagery, Green paints a candid picture of a housewife rediscovering herself. This twelve poem collection offers a new perspective on domesticity and the relationships between neighbors, friends, family, and even strangers.

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Sandy Green is a writer from Virginia whose work has appeared in places such as Bitter Oleander, Existere, The Northern Virginia Review, and U.S. 1 Worksheets. She has also published a twenty page chapbook titled Pacing the Moon.

The design reflects the same midwestern sensibilities found in the writing. With a window cut out in the cover, we get to peer into this woman’s life, her home, and the secrets that lie behind the what appears to be mundane and normal.

14 pgs.
First Edition, 100 Copies
6″ x 9″ Softcover
Printed and bound by hand