Ghost Woodpecker

Ghost Woodpecker – A Poetry Collection by Dustin Nightingale

Ghost Woodpecker by Dustin Nightingale is a short collection of poems that, despite each being only a line or two long, packs an emotional punch. Each poem contains memories that the narrator cannot let go of, thoughts that knock around and haunt the corners of his mind.

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Dustin Nightingale is a graduate of the M.F.A. program from Indiana University. He has published in numerous journals and is currently an instructor in the English Department at Central Connecticut State University and an employee at The Mark Twain House and Museum. He lives in Hartford CT with his partner and dogs. 

Details: 20 pgs.
First Edition, 100 numbered copies
5″ x 5″ Hardback
Printed and bound by hand

In 2016, we acquired a manual printing press and a collection of type, and ever since then, we’ve wanted to produce one of our titles completely through letterpress printing. Ghost Woodpecker is the realization of that goal.

Each line and letter printed in this book was set by hand, using vintage metal type, and each page was printed by hand. We’ve been working on the design and production of this book for over a year – the longest amount of time we’ve ever spent developing a title.

While Woodpecker has countless images, there was one we couldn’t get out of our heads: film negatives.  The cover features old film slides that depict people and places all over the world. Each slide is unique, kind of like how each read through of this book will result in different thoughts and interpretations.