Canyons – A Poetry Collection by Jessica Poli

Canyons by Jessica Poli is a short poetry collection in which love is a foreign land that must be carefully navigated. Each poem takes the reader through the different mindsets of the narrator: their prayers, their dreams, and their innermost thoughts. 

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Canyons is the most materially complex book we’ve ever produced. For its production, we marbled over 400 sheets of paper, constructed boxes, and worked with leather for the very first time.

We used several materials and techniques, many of which were new to us, such as foil stamping, real leather, and a slipcase, paired with hand-marbled sheets. Inside the book, more surprises can be found. Marbled mountain pockets hold the five prayers of the narrator. Overall, this is a reading experience that is both a physical and spiritual journey. 

Details: 31 pgs.
First Edition, 100 numbered copies
4.5” x 5.875”
Leather-bound hardback with slipcase. Sewn and bound by hand

Throughout the collection, there are six dreams. Each is covered by a transparent sheet. On the surface, the text is legible, but as you lift the sheet and dive deeper to the dream, the truth becomes cloudier.