Apology to the Moon

Apology to the Moon – A Poetry Collection by Jim Daniels

Apology to the Moon, written by Carnegie Melon University professor and poet Jim Daniels, is a collection of poems detailing the life of a man from his college days to fatherhood. When designing this book, we noted two things that stood out to us: the cyclical nature of the struggles the man goes through, and the moon/space imagery used throughout.

After a long process of trying to figure out how to represent these ideas in the design, we decided to pierce the cover in the shape of a constellation. The question remaining was seemingly simple, but hard to answer: “What constellation?”

After some digging, a few staff members came across the constellation of Hercules. As a demigod who had to face many hardships, or trials, he was a perfect choice to represent the man inside the book. On the back cover you’ll find the Hydra constellation, the creature Hercules defeated in his second labor.

Jim Daniels’ fourteenth book of poems, Birth Marks (BOA Editions, 2013) was selected as a Michigan Notable Book and received the Milton Kessler Prize. His fifth book of short fiction, Eight Mile High (Michigan State University Press) appeared in 2014 and also was chosen as a Michigan Notable Book. Daniels is the Thomas Stockham Baker University Professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

Details: 36 pgs.
Hardback, 6″x9″
Bound by hand
ISBN: 978-0-9843678-4-9
First Printing: 100 copies, numbered

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