How to Build a Coffin (and Other Love Stories)

How to Build a Coffin (and Other Love Stories) – A Fiction Collection by Daniel Wallace

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How to Build a Coffin (and Other Love Stories) is a flash fiction collection by renowned author Daniel Wallace. In the book is set of thirteen fiction pieces, detailing love, loss, and everything in between. With vivid imagery and illustration to match, Wallace artfully explores the more taboo topics in life with a heavy focus on the human condition as a whole.

How to Build a Coffin‘s design was heavily influenced by the classic design of 1800’s books. The book is a beautiful faux-leather with decorative gold foiling, deckled edges, headbands and a bookmark ribbon. It also takes direct inspiration from the coffin motif with a deep-red satin endpaper.

Daniel Wallace is author of six novels, including Big Fish (1998), Ray in Reverse (2000), The Watermelon King (2003), Mr. Sebastian and the Negro Magician (2007), The Kings and Queens of Roam (2013), and most recently Extraordinary Adventures (May 2017).  His children’s book, published in 2014, and for which he did both the words and the pictures, is called The Cat’s Pajamas, and it is adorable. 

Hardback, 6.5″x4.5″
Bound by hand
First Printing: 100 copies, numbered