The Bone and the Body

The Bone and the Body by Laura Kochman is a book of mixed-form poetry. The poems range from epistolary prose to free verse entries. An intense sense of place and change take the reader deep into a surreal world.

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77 pgs.
Softcover, 6″x5″
Perfect bound, hand-lettered covers
ISBN: 978-0-9963827-0-0
First Printing: 100 copies, numbered

Originally from New Jersey, Laura Kochman currently reads, writes, and feeds her cat in Philadelphia. She received her MFA in creative writing from the University of Alabama, and her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Quarterly West, Houseguest Magazine, TYPO, Tarpaulin Sky Magazine, Artifice, and others. Her chapbook Future Skirt was released from dancing girl press in the fall of 2013. Keep up with her at You can find more about The Bone and the Body, including a pdf copy, here.

“What presides over Kochman’s haunting and gorgeous debut is a great IF, cracked with regret and longing. This IF crunches under every line, like leaves or bones. This IF is a home, unnerved and unbeheld. This IF, rafted from nowhere, like the ghosts of gods, like hope, looms mightily over Kochman’s collection. If I ever met this IF on the side of the road I imagine it ancient and chirping like a newborn. I imagine I would kneel down beside it, for Kochman has officially turned the conditional clause holy.”

—Sabrina Orah Mark

“In Laura Kochman’s stunning debut, The Bone and the Body, readers enter a watery space, a seaside house:  a mouth becomes a doorway and the door is open here where you morph into your house and bones, its—and it is wandering. Even your horse runs and you are left parceling out exactly what you founder on, as it is something, yes, something, so felt. Through piercing voicing, you question the tenancy of your house, body, and bones with ferocity and delight. Finally, you and your house are boned to earth with feet that move lyrically and shelter us back into our own frames, our own known hands—some magic here, of this I am certain.”

—Shelly Taylor

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