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New Books Available + Behind the Scenes!


A few days ago, on May 20th, BatCat held its annual release party! We were so lucky to have both of this year’s authors there to read from their new books.

Jim Daniels, author of Apology to the Moon

Laura Kochman, author of The Bone and the Body

This means these new books are now for sale on our Square Market store!

Getting these books (which first came to us with many, many other manuscripts) to where they are now, published and ready for the public, took a lot of hard work and time. Both books went through several designs and redesigns before anything was finalized.

The Bone and the Body, for instance, went from soft cover to hard cover and back again, constantly changing in color and size as well.

Each book starts out as a bunch of scraps pinned to an idea board.
From there, staff members attempt to make mock-ups of these ideas.

Once we get our design finalized, we start production!

Stamping The Bone and the Body with trees and/or coral.
Two layers!
Each title is handwritten.

Apology to the Moon took just as long. We faced many roadblocks in our own indecisiveness. We didn’t know if we wanted a tri-fold or a bi-fold, a colorful marbled cover or a sleek and dark one, and a lot of our mock-ups looked similar to the ones that came before it.

In the end, we broke our cycle, decided on exactly what we wanted, and even had a totally new idea: we wanted a constellation! We chose Hercules, a demigod who faced many trials (just like the man in the book), for the front cover, and Hydra, one of Hercules’s trials, for the back.

Each hole had to be hammered out individually
Here’s another example of change; the Hydra on the final book looks pretty different!

We’re so proud of these beautiful books, and so happy that we got to work with their authors.

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Olivia C, BatCat Staff Member