BatCat Press

Merch Update!


Does “Merch Update” sound hip enough?

It turns out that we have this giant green bag choc-full* of beautiful, slimming, “obsidian black” BatCat t-shirts.  They’re perfect for any situation.  Going on a hot date? BatCat t-shirt.  Going on a safari? BatCat t-shirt.  Geocaching?  BatCat t-shirt.  Hula hooping?  BatCat t-shirt.  The possibilities are endless.

Even J.M.G sports one.

They’re selling for $15 ($18 with shipping).  They’ve got the infamous BatCat logo on the front, and they shamelessly plug our website on the back.  You can get one in our store: click right here. Scroll down in the store gadget to get to the shirts (sorry, we are not internet wizards and don’t know how to make it prettier).

Grab ’em while they’re hot (which they’ll always be, ’cause, ya know, look at them)!

*This is a pretty serious exaggeration, we only have a few at the moment.